Monday, April 29, 2013

manic monday: no cheese please?

before we get into this week's regularly scheduled programming, i'd like to say that i went to soul cycle this morning and i didn't want to die. it was more intense than the last ride i took - we did the weight section out of the saddle - and yet i didn't scream for the fan nor quit. i still can't "tap it back" or do the pushups on time, but i'm getting there. 

also, i'm pretty sure the showers there are nicer than mine at home:

products in my favorite color.
rain-like shower? yes please.
the reason that i woke up at an ungodly time to go to soul-cycle? because it was my "last chance workout" for the next few weeks. why, do you ask? well, because i am a paley (you've seen the pictures. you know i'm not lying.) and guess what happens to paleys? they get moles that have a chance to turn into cancer. and guess what? i'm that paley that gets those moles. 

i'm especially vigilant, an avid sunscreen wearer and i see the dermatologist every 3-6 months to get a full body scan. but between my family history and the fact that i freckle faster than a banana, i am constantly forking over my money to have my skin sliced and diced. and unfortunately for this week, it was my leg's turn.

ignore the giant feet and focus on the nice pedicure and the bandage around my stitches.
buddy doesn't understand seltzer. so he attacks it.

he is very good at checking i on me in between naps.
and in order to heal okay, it means that i need to stay off of it for the next few weeks. which means no working out. which means that my goal of running without stopping is on hold for the mean time. which means that i need to something else in order to stay on my path to health. 

which sadly means, for this week's manic monday, i'm going to work on ridding dairy from my diet. 

i'm not sure if i've mentioned this here before, but i fucking love cheese. i'm pretty sure i have it at almost every meal. it's always in my fridge and always on my mind. basically, i'm always working on my night cheese.

however, it messes with my stomach and i have a problem saying no to it. so i'm going to try and rid it. i'm not going to go all cold turkey, but i am limiting myself to one bit of dairy a day. and most days, it's going to be in my coffee in the form of milk. so yeah, this one is going to be hard.

don't worry though, i sent myself off in style with an awesome cheese plate and a caprese salad yesterday. a last hurrah of sorts before i take control of my gastrointestinal destiny. 

yep, that sounds as weird as i thought it would.


  1. Hope you're feeling better (let me know if you want company! Tomorrow I am free...)

    Also -- as you know -- I have rid myself (mostly) of the dairy. It helps. I allow myself to "cheat" a few times a month (nachos...cheeseplates...etc.) And honestly? Now that I'm off "the stuff" I actually usually regret these so-called treats. Embrace the soy milk and learn to love the cheese-less pizza. It still has bread and bread is awesome.

    1. i don't know what this "cheese-less pizza" thing you speak of is, but i can guarantee you that it is NOT where i parked my car, friend.

      pizza is LIFE.