Thursday, April 25, 2013

it's the perfect date, guys!

well, it's everyone's favorite day of the year, april 25th!

that being said, i figured a little midweek check in couldn't hurt.

i'm digging this going to bed early thing for the most part. but it's not making getting up early in the morning as easy as i hoped it would. in fact, those two morning workouts i mentioned trying this week? slept right through them. and it was glorious. friggin glorious.

i did manage to make my volleyball game last night and i am playing in another tournament on saturday, so i feel slightly better about myself. even if i missed out on some trudog time this morning. 

alright kids, short and sweet today because i really need to celebrate the perfect date accordingly.

which obvi means, i'll be wearing a light jacket and acting like the female rain man. duh.

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