Tuesday, April 16, 2013

for real though, it wasn't my fault.

so i went on my first run today since my 4 miler a couple weeks ago. and let's be honest, i'm using the word "run" lightly. i walked and jogged - slowly - the route along the river that's close to my apartment before work this morning.

yep, that's right, i got out of bed at 6ish to work out.

let's all pause for a moment of disbelief, shall we?

i did a respectable-to-me-and-only-me 2.4 miles in just over a half hour, which is just a smidgen slower than i was a couple weeks ago. i blame the combination of lack of people for me to sprint past and the fact that my lungs felt tighter than a hipster's fave pair of skinny jeans.

luckily, i had some beautiful scenery and some kickass tunes to keep me company while i contemplated if i would die less than a mile from my apartment.

yep, mumford and spring are two things that make this girl extremely happy.

so, as what i'm sure are inquiring minds would like to know, was i actually on time for work on day two of my weekly goal? short answer? no. long answer? i would have been! 

i left myself extra time to make sure i would arrive promptly and when i just missed a bus downtown, i realized that i would have to abandon my lassiez faire (bet you bitches forgot what that meant) attitude for a more appropriate "move you bitches" when it comes to public transportation. normally i am hang back and let the aggro people fight out to squeeze on to one bus while i wait for the bus that is literally in sight a block away that i comfortably find a seat on. what's a couple of extra minutes in the grand scheme of things. now that i'm aiming for punctuality? i will run and leap to get into that bitch.

which is what i did this morning. and it was okay. but then because the bus system hasn't realized that spring has indeed sprung (see above photo), the air wasn't on. and since it was the crowded bus that i normally avoid, it was hot. which meant, of course, someone was going to pass out. 

now, luckily, it wasn't me (because that's what i'm really about) and the person was actually okay, but it meant sitting on the side of the road for a bit. which means my 8:53 estimated arrival time turned into 9:06. so while i was on time, everyone else wasn't.

for the first time in my life, at least.

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  1. Yay for morning runs! Keep it up! #Actually morning running!