Friday, April 19, 2013

apparently, endorphins are real.

okay, this is going to sound super hokey, which is totally not my style, but i think that exercise and pampering can basically fix anything. at least, that's what i'm pretty sure i learned in the past 48 hours.

wednesday was a terrible day. like, this bad: 
i do not own this photo. just the not impressed face and bad photoshop skills.

i won't go into detail as clean fonts and dirty jokes is a positive place, but let's just say, if at 8:20am you've already thrown in the towel, it's not going to get any better from there.

what made this all worse was the fact that i had thursday packed to the motherfucking brim. (yep, motherfucker is the only adjective that is appropriate there. i said this was a positive place, not biblical one.) i had already committed to doing 7am soul cycle, was super busy with work and had my annual gala for my super-awesome non-profit that i serve on the board for, which i was pulling double duty as attendee and photographer (well, until i had too much wine and they made me put the camera down).

so, i get about 5 hours of sleep going into thursday and i still wake up in a terrible mood. and i am about to get on a bike for 45 minutes. which let's be honest, hurts your good girl. especially if you only cycle once a quarter or so, like myself. and on top of it, i was running late. this did not bode well for me.

i took a cab 8 blocks  managed to arrive on time and get in to set up my bike with two of my have gal pals, nicole and rachel. they are super happy to be there, because they do this on the regular and are true soul-cyclers (if that's what you call a brand enthusiast. should've googled that one.) me? this was my second class ever at soul-cycle, and the first one? well the first one ended with me asking to just die on the bike because it was easier than ever moving again.  

i get my bike settings going with rachel's help, because while i remembered my settings (10 7 stop!), i apparently do not have the wherewithal to set it correctly. i clip in, take a swig of water and say a short prayer. here we go.

turns out, i kind of, sort of, a little bit, a lot, fucking loved it. i'm not sure if it was because i was in the front row and had more air. it could've been that the teacher had a bit of a granola-type moment that i was shockingly into. or it could be that she played hall and oates's "rich girl" and beyonce's "love on top" back to back. regardless, i was into it. and i want to go back.

don't let that fool you into thinking that i was actually "good" at this. i still bob when everyone else weaves. i still don't think i tap it back correctly (get your mind out of the gutters, guys.) and i definitely am not ready to move past the 1lb weights. 

i left the class in a great mood, and put everything from wednesday out of my mind. didn't mean i wasn't still nervous for the day ahead, but i felt more confident that i could handle it. endorphins are NOT dolphin's tails to me anymore! they are real, viable, happy thoughts. who knew?

the other two things that made my day amaze yesterday? first was the blowout i treated myself to at lunch at drybar. i 100% recommend getting your hair did if you're in a bad mood. it's basically like they shampoo out the bad shit and condition in the juju. worth every penny (not that it's a lot mom. practically free. i'm being super responsible.)

the second was the fact that the gala was a huge success. the space was beautiful. the food was delicious. and the bar was fucking open. what could be better? oh, i know, if you are sitting at a table with a huge group of close friends. and they give you a nice camera to take pictures of each other in your fancy clothes. and i didn't even drop it once! (aren't you pleased, diana?)

i also took some pictures on my phone for the obvious reason to share on all my social media networks.
my friends taking a selfie with my phone.
much love to platt, meri and shari. hey, that rhymed!

"i just want to run and jump on you" - nicole

we managed to pull it together after the running incident.
and yes, this is nicole of soul-cycle fame noted above.
obvi, the program is doing her well.
and apparently, to share with you all online. 

even better news about yesterday? the fact that after drinking at LEAST a bottle and a half of wine last night, no hangover today.


miracles happen, y'all.

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