Sunday, April 14, 2013

sunday showdown: not quite there...

so, here is my first "official" check in. and by official, i mean, the first time i rate my results. and in the sake of all honesty, i didn't do that well.

i managed to tidy up a bit, but nowhere near the amount that needs to be done. but isn't that part of the reason i'm blogging? because i have obvious shortcomings and i need to deal with them. 

but i'll get to them in a few, i want to walk you through a few fun things that happened since i last typed and you theoretically read it.

first, i took a class a 6:30 in the morning - yes, apparently they have a 6:30 in the morning too. weird, huh? - with an instructor whose name is trudog. yep, trudog. all one word, no e. and he introduced himself to me with a straight face. it was a cardio jam class that was kind of the perfect way to start the day, because he played some kickass music. janet, khia, macy. 
however, in class, i felt my shoulder muscle pop out during jumping jacks. and it hurt like a bitch. i kept going, because i apparently am a sadist, and finally today it's starting to feel normal.

second, on friday after work i went to a happy hour that turned into drinking all night and came home to find this: 

so not only had i not kept up my initial part of my cleaning goal, but buddy decided to make things worse. i'm pretty sure he was trying to teach me a lesson that being gone from 8am until 1am is NOT okay. my toilet paper was also completely unrolled too.

little bastard.

we made up though. he even helped me get dressed today. and by dressed, i mean he tried to eat my necklace and then was unimpressed that i wouldn't let him.

unfortunately, the excessive beer drinking made me have a slight taste of what my family so LOVINGLY calls the "bottle flu." and i was supposed to go to soul cycle at 10am with my girls, who are all pros at spinning. i am not a pro, and am pretty sure that i would've puked had i been on the bike. and i don't know if they'd let me come back after that. and i have TWO classes already paid for, so i really don't want to get barred for life. it'd be like bad fitness karma. i managed to get out of it, but am planning to reschedule because that is definitely something that needs to be blogged about. so, something for you all to look out for in the future.

i did recover, but spent most of the day hanging on my couch and dealing with a massive allergy attack. but it also meant falling asleep at 10pm, so really, it's for the best.

nyc is freaking gorgeous out right, so i spent the day outside with my besties, a set of parents and a lot of dogs. two hours of sunlight in 60 degrees means this: 

yep, that's how pale people roll. and i, my friends, am the palest.

i DID manage to sneak in 4 workouts and threw out 3 giant bags of trash, so while i am not completely clutter free, i am doing better than i was a week ago. i realized that cleaning is not something that should happen once a month or when company is coming over. dishes should be done daily, otherwise your cat will clean them for you. vacuum up the litter once a day, otherwise you will step on it as soon as you get out of the shower. hang your clothes up in the closet when they are clean or you'll forget these things.

the moral of the story? i should do NORMAL things on a daily basis and my life won't spin out of control. also, buddy is scared of the vacuum.

being a grown up is hard. apparently so is being a kitty.

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