Sunday, April 21, 2013

sunday showdown: one step forward, 2 steps back.

good news: i managed to arrive to work on time almost every day last week. the exception i already told you about. so this week, a success.

however, my life was a crazed mess last week. which meant i got home most nights and fell into bed. which means that my apartment is once again a disaster zone. buddy still has his "adorable" habit of destroying my toilet paper at every chance he gets. my dishwasher has been clean for days, but has yet to be unloaded. and the floor of my closet is once again covered in clothes and cat hair. 

basically, i took one step forward with my weekly goal, and one giant step backward with my first goal of being a bit more domestic. which means that i need to make sure that by improving one area per week doesn't take away from my what i learned the week before. apparently it seems that my tried and true method of cramming before a test and then forgetting everything afterward. i have to like "learn" or whatever.

oof. that's going to hurt.

unrelated, i did something very new york yesterday and kind of conquered a fear (well, a little bit). i walked the brooklyn bridge.

i have an extremely irrational fear of bridges. i always think that they're either going t fall out from beneath me, or that my car will careen off of the side and i have only 10 seconds to unbutton my seatbelt, open the door and dive out into the water before i die. yep, this is a completely normal thing for me. but not for most people.

walking the brooklyn bridge is apparently a new york right of passage and the fact that it took me over three years of residency to do it is blasphemy. so my friend meri g and i took to the pavement and walked both ways, and toured around the newish brooklyn bridge park. it was gorgeous and i'm glad i did it, even though i saw a girl try to climb on part of the bridge to take a picture and i had a minor panic attack.

on that note, i'll leave you with the pictures that i took. until we chat again, internet friends.

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