Monday, April 15, 2013

manic monday: i'm not always there when you call, but i'm always on time...

so here we are again, for another week of "self improvement" or whatever. i'm super pumped. aren't you?

you are? really? for serious? oh, cool. great. thanks.

as i explained yesterday, i am definitely not done getting all the clutter out of my tiny apartment (how i manage to get that much shit into it truly boggles my mind) so that is still on the list of things to accomplish this week. we're (err, i'm) having cocktails to celebrate as soon as it's done.

but, this week's official manic monday is actually going to be dedicated to something super easy you'll actually be surprised that it's gotten to be so damn hard for me to do. this week, i'm going to remember how to...drum roll... get to work on time!

yep, apparently basic human functions such as getting out of bed on time is impossible for me. and i'm still not emotionally stable enough to try and take on the snooze button battle yet. i mean, my morning alarms look like this: 

yeah, even buddy pouncing on my face and eating my hair doesn't get me out of bed. i just pull the covers over my head and tell him momma needs a minute.

that feeling, combined with a love of matt lauer (i don't care what the press is saying about you matty, i think you're swell), means that i can't get out the door on time anymore. and while no one i report to is a clock watcher and i regularly work through lunch and much past the suggested quitting time and get my job done, i still think it'd be nice to start my day fresh instead of racing through the door. so thus, my goal is to arrive promptly every day this week. that way the prisses can stop looking down at me because i'ma beat them to work this week. and thus i can look down on them. 

it may be difficult, since i have already signed on for not one, but TWO morning workouts this week, but dammit i will try!

finally, today truly is manic due to the horrific event that happened at the boston marathon. while i am not a runner yet, nor do i ever think that i will be a marathoner, it hurts my soul to think that there are people in the world who would choose such an uplifting and inspiring event to cause destruction. i have literally spent the last 15 minutes following coverage and wiping tears from my eyes. one of my favorite people, meri g, is there watching friends complete their huge accomplishment and thank goodness is okay. but no one should have to deal with such heartbreak on a day that is so intrinsically about overcoming odds and banding together to accomplish something. 

my thoughts are with you, bean town. 

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