Monday, April 8, 2013

the ground rules and how i plan to break pretty much all of them.

a few things before we get into the "meat" of this morning's programming:

  • i'm definitely out of shape because i am like REAL sore today. my legs, my FEET, my hips, even my back all are like, bitch, what you be doing to us?
  • somehow i managed to get this awesome wheezing situation so when i cough i sound like an 80 year old smoker. it's SUPER sexy. 
  • i had thought about including what kinds of food i eat daily on this blog and then i remembered that i hate people that do that, so other than the occasional shout out to a truly exceptional or terrible experience, i'll try to keep it away.
  • i'm still really confused from last night's mad men. i'm not sure if i got less intelligent during the hiatus, but basically all i got is that death is still very much in the air and betty is now a brunette. also, sally and roger are still the best parts of the show. peggy is okay too.
okay, now that i've got those pressing matters off my mind, i can tell you about how i am going to set a few rules for myself to make me stick to my commitments and be a better human. after each one, i'll give you a percentage of chances on the likelihood of me keeping it. spoiler alert: it's probably high.

manic mondays: so since i have set things i want to get better at, every monday i'm going to decide what this week's challenge is. ideally, i will conquer it in a week and move on to the next, but let's be honest, that's not likely. it takes a lot longer than a week to make real changes. regardless, i will outline what mini goal we're - because you bitches are in this with me - trying to make real this week. things like trying to not hit the snooze button or working out in the morning just one day a week or not cursing at people when they don't know how to ride public transportation. it's not hard guys. 
chance of making it: 60%

sunday showdown: this is when i'll provide the overall feedback of how i did on the whole for the week with both my mini goal and my overall goal of running/exercising without totes wanting to die. this will probably be filled with lies and half-truths, but at least it's something, right? RIGHT?
chance of making it: 35% (sundays get away from me real quick)

there'll probably be some more posts in between given how busy work, my dvr and my drinking schedule for the week looks, but i figured two required posts a week make it easier for me to gauge growth or whatever.

i have to finish "working" now, so i'll post this week's manic monday tonight while i watch last night's game of thrones. well, after, because i heard arya's back this week, and i LOVE that girl. 

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