Thursday, May 2, 2013

bad medicine is NOT what i need

this no dairy thing has been a lot harder than i originally thought it was going to be. and not just because i always want to eat pizza and ice cream.

it's been hard because i've been dealing with a constant state of nausea for the past few days and the only thing that remotely sounds appealing is a grilled cheese. 

and before you all start wondering if i'm pregnant, i'm not. (don't worry mom!). it's rather a super-fun side effect to the antibiotic i'm taking as a precaution to go along with my stitches. 

i've never had any of those potential side effects before from any medication (and let's keep it that way, shall we inner self?), so this one caught me off guard. in addition to making all food sound disgusting, it gives me a metallic "mouthfeel" (real word used in food marketing. thanks salt sugar fat!) that makes my mouth taste like i just licked the outside of a beer can for hours. not the inside where the goodness is. the OUTSIDE. so yeah, it's gross.

i've subsisted on gatorade, seltzer, plain turkey burgers and potatoes (mashed or french-fried) for the past two days, despite the fact that a grilled cheese has always been a comfort/sick food of mine. because it's fucking delicious yet quite mild mannered on the stomach. the ultimate win-win in my opinion.

yet, i've resisted. chalk that shit up to personal growth, ya'll.

now excuse me while i go chug a bottle of pepto.

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