Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday showdown: princess and the pee

i'm pretty sure that the title of this post says it all.

this week was extremely successful in mission hydration. i have spent the past week running to the bathroom every hour to pee straight up clear liquid. i also think my skin is clearer and i'm less hungry so i'd really take that as a twofer, you know?

i was going to have the twofer introduction from 30 rock to go with that, but i love tracy jordan correcting him too much to not use the above clip. sue me.

anyway, while i was going through this week, i remembered why i used to try so hard to stay hydrated. call me crazy - "you crazy girl!" - but it actually makes me feel like i am flushing out all the bad juju in my system. and sadly, that pun wasn't even on purpose.

i really don't have much more to say today so i'm just going to call it and finish watching game of thrones. this week, melisandre takes s&m to a whole new level by introducing leeches. if someone was to leech me, i think all they'd get right now is water. suckkaaaaaas.

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