Thursday, May 16, 2013

goodbye old friends: a farewell to dunder mifflin.

this is going to be extremely hard and and pretty long. that's what she said.

finally, something that has to do with the dirty jokes aspect of this blog.

anyway, tonight is the series finale of the office and i can't believe it's ending so soon.

i have been watching this show since the writer's strike when i literally watched the first three seasons and all that was available in the fourth season in a week. ONE WEEK. that's how into this show i was. and then i waited - not so patiently - for the show to come back on the air. and when it did, i was not disappointed.

now don't get me wrong, the show has had its misses, most of them in the past season or two, but overall, it's been hilarious and heartfelt and has given so much to the pop culture landscape. i mean, the theme song is my ring tone, people.

so in honor of my last day with the dunder mifflin family, i am sharing with you a few of my favorite things about the show.

obvi, we have to start with that's what she said. because, there is no michael scott without #twss

then there are the constant pranks:

and finally, i leave you with my favorite person: jim halpert. he has probably ruined me on love with everything he went for to get pam. last week's episode pulled together a lot of my favorite moments.

sadly, most guys aren't like jim. i said most, guys. so hopefully there is a dude out there who will prove me wrong.

so tonight i will be watching, live tweeting and crying during the retrospective and the final episode tonight. so in closing, i'll leave you with the cast goodbyes:

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