Monday, May 13, 2013

straight up blogging #shame

yeah, so this wasn't exactly what i would call a banner week in the betsy blogging experiment. not only have i not blogged since last monday, but i did three things i am not proud of.

1. i missed my first sunday showdown
2. it didn't matter, because i barely met any goals.
3. i bought soy cheese

personally, i find the third the most offensive in the scheme of betsy-verse (my universe, duh), but the rest ain't to great either, yo.

and you know what, i don't even have a good excuse. and as much as i'd like to enact my 2013 motto of "sorry i'm not sorry," i actually am sorry. i took on this project to actively make a change in my life and i'm letting myself down. in more ways that one. 

don't get me wrong, i love myself. possibly a little too much if you ask some people. but whatever. for the most part, i am great. however, it's been a rough month for a few reasons that i will choose not to share with you here. just know that unlike momma rose, not everything is coming up betsy right now. which is okay. that's how you evolve as a person, or whatever.

the problem is that i happen to lack this thing called "patience."so i want things to change immediately, which is not realistic or feasible right now. and instead of continuing to believe in the system and continuing to take the steps to make changes, i'm letting it get me down. and frankly, it's not okay. 

now don't get me wrong, i don't have the blues and definitely not the reds (breakfast at tiffany's shout out!). i'm just not as new-puppy-first-day-home-with-a-family as i have been before. 

i mean, this is what i did last week, so things aren't all that bad:

snuggling with buddy, the destruction cat. new talent? he can open my medicine cabinet.

sangria. drink of the gods.

this city, man.

a beautiful show that i got to see with a beautiful friend of mine - hi pats!


so, now that you can clearly see that i am not on the ledge, i'm going to take this week and focus on an extremely easy task: drink more water.

now, most of you are probably thinking, umm, b you are practically a fish because of how much water you drink. and that used to be true, but in the past week or two, i've been substituting wine for water. while delicious, it's probably not the best for my liver, kidneys or waistline. so the goal this week is to simply drink at least 4 containers of my brand new, lime green nalgene every day. including weekends, where typically the wine swap happens. 

don't get me wrong, there will still be wine. there will ALWAYS be wine. but this week, there will simply be more water.

let's see if when i pee excessively (not TMI guys. it's a truth) this week if i can also flush out all the other toxins that  i'm letting seep into my optimism so i can get back to myself.

shit, that actually sounded deep. +1 for this week already.

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