Sunday, May 5, 2013

sunday showdown: not what i expected to learn.

so, i learned like a huge lesson this week, but it was not related to my dairy-free existence. which was pretty easy by the way. probably because of the whole nausea thing that lasted all week.

related, i've also hit my turkey burger limit for the year.

anyway, so the big lesson that i learned? i actually do have maternal instincts. and yes, i'll provide ample explanation.

so, as you all have seen, i am the proud owner of a handsome kitty, buddy. 

every breath you take, i'll be watching you, girl. 
thanks for providing the comfy nap spot

this past week, he has been a bit of what i call a rascal. and unfortunately, it caused for some sleepless nights and extra fretting for me.

to give you some background, i previously chalked up my mom potential to the fact that i put my arm out to protect my purse from flying when i slammed on the breaks in my car. so needless to say, when i woke up at 2am friday morning to the sound of my purr-baby puking, i was a bit concerned.

now, i know that cats throw-up. but since i didn't want to wait until the morning to clean it up, i hustled out of bed to take care of it. however, what i saw was not a normal hairball. in fact, it was a bunch of elastics. it turns out buddy has been systematically eating each one of my hairties, which he got from knocking over the mason glass that holds them and dragging them out with his paws. i'm sure you can all understand that this is not on the recommended diet for kitties.  so naturally, i freaked.

i picked up the vom, threw it away, then picked up my cat and took him to bed with me. he curled up and i proceeded to stare at him for 30 minutes to make sure he was breathing (he was) and then googled bowel obstructions in cats to find out if i needed to rush him into emergency surgery. i finally fell asleep and decided that i would figure out after seeing his behavior in the morning to decide what my next steps were.

i still woke up to a purry kitten who head butted me for 20 minutes to get me out of bed 40 minutes before my alarm went off, but he didn't bound out to his food like i wanted him too. however, given that he pooped - important information, guys - and did eat, i went to work and spent the entire day trying to google different ways to make sure he was alive. 

i came home to an empty food bowl and a playful kitty, so we were out of the woods. i moved all my elastics to a drawer and called it a day.

and then yesterday happened. i was getting ready for a fun-filled day at the new yorker's passport to the arts and couldn't deal with my allergies for the day. so i got out my trusty zyrtec to take care of the job. in the 5 seconds that the pill was sitting on the counter while i picked up my water glass, my friend buddy managed to ingest it. apparently, much like his mom, he'll eat most anything. 

again, i freaked the fuck out and tried to capture him so i could force him to puke. but he is small and fast and can hide under my bed. i called my mom (thanks for talking me down) and then the vet, where i talked to a receptionist who was like umm, watch him for a while. not enough information people!

then i was reminded that i have a very dear friend who is a vet. uh duh! so i texted her and she reassured me that ONE pill was not going to hurt him. in fact, it's actually prescribed to animals his size in some cases. cue a slight breath of relief on my end.

especially because i had a full day planned that included some art galleris and lots for rooftops and the following:

photo booth gif-set love with silvia. 

i managed to make most of the day without truly believing that buddy was dying, but i took every chance i got to tell my friends that my cat could be dead at home. tons of fun, i know.

since the drinking started early, i was in a cab on my way home around 11pm and i walked into a destroyed role of toilet paper, an empty food bowl and a full litter box. needless to say, he was back to normal. and him waking me up at 7am this morning wanting food just made it more so obvious.

but, despite the fact that i did leave him to get my culture (and drink) on, i did showcase more care and forethought than i thought i had. i even started using my forceful voice more to keep him from getting on top of the fridge. and you know what, it doesn't make him hate me for enforcing the rules.

yep, that's him curled up on me.
the responsible thing to do would have been to lock up my potentially edible goods a while ago, but i'm a work in progress. you all know that. it's why you're reading. uh duh.

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