Tuesday, May 28, 2013

the death of a dream. or, smell ya later, regularly scheduled blog posts

so if you're reading this today, it means that you probably came looking for my weekly manic monday post. instead, you find out that i am giving up my weekly scheduled posts. damn, i'm a buzzkill.

it's not that i am going to stop blogging, so ease your worried minds. i'm also not going to stop setting goals for myself, the original reason for this blog. i'm just merely not going to set a day to write these things down.

the reason i started this blog was to make myself write more because i love writing. well, when i'm not overanalyzing and judging my own work. but i've realized that i started dreading getting to my "required" posts and i enjoyed more just writing about what i was working towards. since i am a "grown woman, i can do whatever i want."

listen to it. magic, kids. pure vocal magic.

anyway, i have decided that i'm just going to work on writing about my goals as they come and go. no set timeline to finish. just all the feels and the funnies. less of a weekly scheduled time.

which for this week is FINALLY getting back into the workout space. having been cleared to work out after what seems like forever, i'm going to make it back to both the volleyball court (two games, y'all) and the gym (treadmill and trudog). once i get through this week of getting back in to the swing of things and hopefully not dying, i'm starting couch to 5k next week to get ready for my color run in about 8 weeks in the hopes that i can "jog" (i use the term lightly) the entire race.

so mourn the manic for today, but then get ready for a SUPER fun time with my somewhat topical rants about how much working out kind of sucks and general things that need to be discussed.

such as batshit crazy courtney love telling amanda bynes to pull it together. because if courtney love thinks you have issues, it's time to examine your life. am i right? 

yes, i am 100% right.

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