Wednesday, June 5, 2013

i'll be missing you - kittie smalls edition

well friends, this is not going to be a super fun post, but i've got the sads today and i want to write about it to deal with it. you know, like a normal (eh, not really) person.

as you all know, i am a fan of the furry feline species. i have my very own purry pal buddy who lives with me here in nyc, plus i have four loves that live with my parents in florida that i spent plenty of time snuggling with from middle school through those couple of "boomerang" years after college.

unfortunately, it's been a bad week for connors' kitties. we sadly lost both little girl (grey tabby) and mopsy (black persian) in the past week, which to be honest, FUCKING SUCKS.

now don't get me wrong, we've kind of known for a while that things were not looking great. both had been getting skinnier, which is not common in my house. we like big kitties. more to love. so for the past year, every time i go back to florida, i say goodbye to all the cats as if i'll never see them again and feed them the milk from my cereal bowl one more time (sorry mom). but i never really thought that it would be our last snuggle. i tricked myself into thinking they would live for another year every time. and that's not grown up or realistic of me, but i don't care. i'd rather just live in the moment and then deal with it when the time comes.

so just like diddy misses biggie, i'm going to miss mops and girl - kittie smalls if you will. since i can't make an awesome music video to honor them, i encourage you to listen to the audio of diddy and faith's words (substitute snuggles for the making love, because that's just GROSS guys) while looking at some of my favorite pics of my loves.

mops napping on my books because she had to be on you.

i really wanted little girl to be a cash cat. like REAL bad.

whatcha lookin' at punk?

her favorite spot in the world was wherever you were sitting on the couch

her "judging you" face.

in addition to hugging buddy extra hard tonight, i'm also pouring one out for my fallen homies. it's what they would want. 

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