Wednesday, June 12, 2013

barefoot and boozed up

oh man. i don't think i can accurately put into words my hippie experience this last weekend at governor's ball.   but i will somehow try.

to give you some background, i have always identified as a halfway hippie. kind of into the whole mellow, music-loving,  non-shoe-wearing vibe, but i like showering, having a stable government and fine leather goods.

naturally, a music festival has always been on my list of things to do. but i don't think that i'm ready to go full on coachella or bonnaroo or basically anything that requires camping or people that are really dressed like this:

what is it with hippies and hula hoops?

which is why gov's ball was the natural fit: 3 days of music but located just 4 short miles from my cozy apartment. done and done.

if any of you live in the nyc area, and i think almost all of you do, you would know that friday was a monsoon in nyc. most people would've thought to themselves, well, i have 2 more days of show so stay home and dry and get ready for the next two days.

i am not most people. and luckily, neither is my dear friend silvia. we put on our festival gear and braved the extreme amount of rain and mud all three days. barefoot. i can honestly say that i have pretty much communed with nature at this point, and i'm okay with it. some pictures to prove my point:

ponchos and facepaint

day 1 & 2 feet for the most part

grumpy cat wasn't into the weather

day 3 with special guest star nicole. look at the ground. no grass.

day 3 feet. nicole wasn't going full hippie.

but i sure as hell did.

so yeah, it was three days of lots of food and LOTS of booze. i literally packed a fifth of vodka in my bra in my purse every day. so needless to say i am in need of a cleanse. which is why i'm heading to hot yoga for the first time in almost 4 years tonight. because i'm pretty sure it's the only thing right now that can possibly get the last of the booze and dirt out of my system. i'll be back tomorrow (since this post took me yesterday and today to write. my brain didn't work monday so i don't count that as a part of the process) to keep you posted on how my body reacted after so long away.

spoiler alert? probably not well.

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