Monday, March 10, 2014

MARCH-ing on

march is my favorite month of the year. because it has a few of my favorite things:
  1. my #birthweek: yes, i'm a brat who not only celebrates for a week, but also created a custom hashtag that i use for any and all events associated with it. i'm sure this is one of the reasons my friends secretly dislike me.
    my excitement over cake last year. cake is ALWAYS exciting. photo cred: my dear platt
  2. st. patrick's day: the kickoff point for said #birthweek, i always enjoy any reason to celebrate my theoretical irish heritage. particularly if it includes drinking mass quantities of good beer. and occasionally doing three  a car bomb. i know it's amateur hour, but i can't help myself. 
  3. SPRING! while my girl elsa and i agree on many things, 
    obviously. elsa's no fool.
    there is one thing that i simply cannot get through my head.
    the cold actually has been bothering me. a lot. for months. with nary an end in sight. but now that it's march, spring is theoretically here. (though it did flurry on my commute this morning). but i went out this past weekend in a dress and NO TIGHTS. and it was sheer pleasure. thanks for that march. 
  4. cataversary: a year ago, i adopted my furball buddy and life has been great ever since. 
    i mean, look at that face. d
  5. march madness: weirdly enough, i wasn't super into college basketball always, despite my love of any and all things gators. but i've realized how exciting and fun it is, regardless of how good your team is. luckily, my team's been pretty good lately. especially this year. i can't wait to watch them dance their way to success. 
    please note the arms on young (#4). they are literally what my dreams are made of. 
so basically, march is the best month. and i'm actually really excited for the 2014 edition, because i've spent the past two months focusing on what i want, and not going to lie, it's fucking great. i've found a new hot yoga studio that i'm obsessed with. i've created a few new recipes that are delish and healthy - which i'm going to share in a blog post in the near future - that aren't impossible to make in my miniscule kitchen. i've said no to things that i didn't want to do and felt zero residual guilt. and i have an appointment in a week to officially add the color pink to my hair, something i've been toying with for months on months on months. 

i feel like i'm heading into my last year of my twenties with a "woo!" instead of an "eek!" which is what i've been anticipating. the idea of aging is never an appealing one, but i'm choosing to embrace it instead of running from it this year. and maybe it'll truly become the #yearofbetsy that i've been working for. 
penny hartz: my spirit animal
but then again, come see me when the big 3-0 is looming. i'll probably be slightly less cool about it. 

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